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Sourced Grocer

  • Brand Development
  • Brand Collateral
  • Copywriting
  • Built Environment

The guys from Sourced Grocer looked to achieve a simple goal: procure fresh quality produce first hand from local farms and offer it for sale in the local area, a modern take on your local neighbourhood grocer. The identity had to be as unique as their business model, challenging people to question their shopping habits and promote awareness in the local community. One Iota developed a brand culture that inspires people to buy locally, eat thoughtfully and have pride in the produce they consume. Executed across a range of collateral, we designed posters, promotional flyers and business cards through to signage and built environment.

Souced Grocer breakfast setting
Eat Thoughtfully poster
Sourced Grocer interior
Sourced Grocer collateral
Sourced Grocer posters
Sourced Grocer local flyers
Souced Grocer - red pineapple