Urban Art Projects

Urban Art Projects

  • Digital Development
  • Brand Development

Urban Art Projects approached us to design them a website that would revolutionise their brand and catalogue their extensive and diverse portfolio of works. In line with the company rebrand, the site relies on a simple, streamlined black and white UI design to best communicate the unique properties of each project and particularly highlight the photography. The site infrastructure simplifies the delivery of a complex range of projects through a smart filtering system, backed by the speed and security served by the latest in cloud computing technology across all devices. Furthering UAP's international growth, with offices in New York and Shanghai, the site can be viewed in Mandarin as a bi-lingual option alongside English.

UAP Loader
UAP Home
UAP Studio Portfolio
UAP Latop Filters
UAP Mobile Factory
UAP Mobile Filters
UAP Tablet Layout
UAP Quote Request
UAP Multilingual
UAP News screen
Greenhills Wagyu Identity

Greenhills Wagyu

  • Brand Development
  • Brand Collateral
  • Copywriting

Greenhills Wagyu have been a full blood wagyu operation known for owning elite wagyu genetics and consistently delivering a premium product since 1997. With increasing demand for a healthier and ethical meat alternative, an MSA graded grass-fed range was recently introduced. Our task was to rebrand the company focusing on their Grass-Fed Wagyu range and its many benefits to the animal and consumer. In doing so, the identity we developed strongly diverges from traditional meat branding. The typography is light, elegant and refined, associating with a leaner, carefully bred product. As the wagyu live their entire lives in paddocks and never in feedlots, the identity relies on different natural tones of green across all collateral to mirror the variety found in nature.

Greenhills Wagyu Packaging
Greenhills Wagyu Trade Handout
Greenhills Wagyu Logomarks
Greenhills Wagyu In Shop Poster
Greenhills Wagyu DL Holder
Greenhills Wagyu Logotype
ESPL. Coffee Brewers

Esplanade Coffee Brewers

  • Brand Development
  • Digital Development
  • Brand Collateral
  • Copywriting

Esplanade Coffee Brewers fix brews for tourists and residents alike on the beach lined esplanade of Surfers Paradise. In a place known for its glitz and glam, they needed a brand that communicated a no-nonsense approach to quality, accompanied with a bold aesthetic that would stand the test of time. Drawing inspiration from geometry and raw materials, One Iota was commissioned to deliver a brand name along with accompanying identity guidelines. Copper foil and textured brand materials integrate seamlessly within the store's interior, achieving a striking sense of quality and attention to detail. Laser cutting and copper letterpress foiling are just a few of the processes we had fun working with when creating Esplanade's range of bespoke brand materials.

ESPL. Coffee Brewers collateral
ESPL. Coffee Brewers bespoke menu holder
ESPL. Coffee Brewers simple responsive website
ESPL. Coffee Brewers printed coffee cups
ESPL. Coffee Brewers sign box and team
ESPL. Coffee Brewers interior
ESPL. Coffee Brewers simple responsive website
Taste identity


  • Brand Development
  • Brand Collateral
  • Built Environment

Taste is a mecca for those who love to cook and entertain. From the beginning it was clear that the brand needed to reflect this passion, but also create a retail environment that captured the imagination of shoppers and passersby. We delivered a bespoke identity that draws visual cues from 1920’s French typography, appropriating turn-of-the-century artwork from vintage fruit labels and cooking advertisements into playful collages with cheeky and nostalgic undertones.

Taste identity big T
Taste business cards
Taste swing tags
Taste swing tag in store
Taste window display
Taste shopping bags
Taste have your cake and eat it sale
Taste icecream skater
Ihe Illustration Room Responsive Website

The Illustration Room

  • Digital Development
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Collateral

The Illustration room represents a range of respected talent from across the globe. They wanted an online environment where art directors and publishers could sample an illustrator’s style quickly and easily. We delivered a bespoke site design that enabled users to shortlist and create their own virtual light boxes while they browsed artist portfolios. These are instantly publishable as a zip, pdf or A4 print. The site design is dynamic and has a layout that adapts for optimal viewing on different screen sizes and devices. The backend is equally elegant, with a simple content management system that allows the client to fully manage and maintain the site independently.

The Illustration Room Homepage
The Illustration Room Lightbox and Blog
The Illustration Room Mobile Views
The Illustration Room Letterpress Business Cards
Mirrool Creek Lamb

Mirrool Creek Lamb

  • Digital Development
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Collateral
  • Package Design
  • Copywriting

A family company known for its premium quality lamb, Mirrool Creek commissioned One Iota to develop an entire brand identity, from the logo and marketing collateral through to an exciting new website. The site adopts a non-traditional web design, with all the content on a single page. Condiments such as salt, olive oil and rosemary appear to float in the background as the user travels down the site. This site also used our dynamic site design that optimises itself for a variety of screen sizes and resolutions. The client is also able to maintain the site through our streamlined content management system, which their brand manager uses regularly to provide tasty lamb recipes or manage stockists.

Mirrool Creek Lamb promotional photo
Mirrool Creek Lamb responsive website
Mirrool Creek Lamb website layout
Mirrool Creek Lamb business cards
Mirrool Creek Lamb copywriting
Mirrool Creek Lamb packaging design
Sourced Grocer local is lovely

Sourced Grocer

  • Brand Development
  • Brand Collateral
  • Copywriting
  • Built Environment

The guys from Sourced Grocer looked to achieve a simple goal: procure fresh quality produce first hand from local farms and offer it for sale in the local area, a modern take on your local neighbourhood grocer. The identity had to be as unique as their business model, challenging people to question their shopping habits and promote awareness in the local community. One Iota developed a brand culture that inspires people to buy locally, eat thoughtfully and have pride in the produce they consume. Executed across a range of collateral, we designed posters, promotional flyers and business cards through to signage and built environment.

Souced Grocer breakfast setting
Eat Thoughtfully poster
Sourced Grocer interior
Sourced Grocer collateral
Sourced Grocer posters
Sourced Grocer local flyers
Souced Grocer - red pineapple